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HtmlPedigree Help Page : Menus

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A series of drop-down menus is available when the cursor is moved over the buttons near the top of the frames. Some of the items in these menus display further sub-menus. Not all the options are always available - the captions of unavailable ones are coloured grey. The menus will disappear if the user clicks elsewhere within the frame.

(1) The < and > buttons are used to move back and forward through the sequence of framed pages visited within the site. These should be used rather than the browser's Back and Forward buttons.

(2) The Home button takes the user to the main page of the site.

(3) The Indexes menu leads to a set of alphabetical indexes. The menu contains a list of the different types of indexes available (for example Individuals by surname, Individuals by name, Notes, Sources and so on). For some types, the indexes may be split into several sections. In this case, when the cursor is moved over the menu item, a submenu listing the sections is displayed.

(4) The Search button leads to the search page, if the site's owner has enabled this facility.

(5) The Layout menu adjusts the chart pedigree.

(6) The Format menu modifies the chart pedigree.

(6) The Help button displays the main help page, in a new window.