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HtmlPedigree Help Page: Text and indexes

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Links in the text frames can be used, as already described, to navigate through the pedigree. Usually information about individuals is displayed in the upper text frame, and the lower frame is used for information about family groups, notes, sources, record repositories and so on.

When a link representing an individual is clicked, a chart pedigree showing the family of that individual will usually appear in the right hand frame. The chart can be hidden by clicking on the Text item of the Layout menu. It will remain hidden until the user clicks the Combined item of the Layout menu. Alternatively, when the chart is hidden, and the Show chart in new window item is selected, charts will be shown in new windows when links to individuals are clicked in the text. (This behaviour can be cancelled by clicking Don't show chart.)

A set of alphabetical indexes is available via the Indexes menu. If the cursor is moved over this button, a list of the different types of indexes appears (for example Individuals by surname, Notes, Sources and so on). Moving the cursor over an item in this list will display a list of the different sections for the selected index type. When one of these is clicked, the chosen index section appears in the lower text frame.

If the site's owner has enabled the search facility, a search page is available by clicking on the Search button near the top of the frame. The search page contains a form in which information about individuals can be entered - surname, given name, place and/or date. To allow for uncertainty about spelling, wildcards can be used, or alternatively the soundex system can be used to match the surname.