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HtmlPedigree Help Page : Summary

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Normally the information is presented in two text frames on the left hand side, with a chart pedigree on the right. Usually the upper frame of text relates to an individual, and the lower one either relates to an associated family group, or else gives other information. In some cases not all these components are available.

There are several ways of navigating through the data. The simplest are:

  1. Links in the text frames. The entry for each individual begins with links to family groups with which he or she is associated, either as a child or a parent. Similarly, the entry for each family group begins with links to family members - father, mother and children. The entries may also contain other links to additional information, or to other individuals and families.
  2. Indexes, including indexes to entries for individuals arranged alphabetically by name and surname, are available from the Indexes menu near the top of the frame. When one of these indexes is selected, a list of links appears in the lower text frame.
  3. Search will be available from the button near the top of the frame, if the site's owner has enabled the search facility.
  4. Chart pedigree. Clicking on the box representing an individual normally displays the details of that individual in the upper text frame. Parts of the pedigree that are not currently shown are indicated by arrows on the chart. When an arrow is clicked, the chart is redrawn to display the indicated part. For more advanced methods, see the section on the Chart pedigree.

Important note: The < and > buttons within the page should be used, rather than the browser's Back and Forward buttons. If the browser's Back button is used, it will lose its memory of the sequence of pages visited within the site.

Layout. By default, two text frames and a chart pedigree are displayed (if available). However, some of the components can be hidden by using the Layout menu. For example, the Text option shows only the text and not the chart, and the Hide note/Show note option is used to hide or show the lower text frame. For further details, see the section on Menus.

A plain text version or a framed text version of the web pages can be seen by following the appropriate link at the top of each page. The other link returns the user to the full version.