HtmlPedigree Search - Tips

Enter search terms in the form to specify the surnames and given names of the people you are looking form, places they were associated with, and/or ranges of years for their dates of birth. You can fill in as many or as few of these fields as you like.

Search words and phrases. In each field you can enter either individual words, or exact phrases enclosed in quotation marks ("..."). You can also enter a series of words and phrases, and the search engine will search for entries which contain all of them.

Wildcards. By default, you can also allow for spelling variations by using the wildcard * in search words and phrases, in place of any number of unknown characters (including no characters at all). For example, searching for s*ap will find sap, soap and scrap.

Soundex. For the surname, you can choose to use the phonetic soundex matching system instead of wildcards. To do this, click to select the "Use soundex matching for surname" option.

Dates. Where possible, a year of birth has been estimated for each person in the index (where only the date of death is known, the date of birth is currently estimated as 70 years earlier). You can specify either an earlier limit for the estimated year of birth, or a later limit, or both. There is also the option of including entries for which no dates are known.