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Download HtmlPedigree

System requirements

The program runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems, 95/98/2000/NT 4.0/Me/XP, and the installation requires 3MB of disc space. The memory requirements depend on the size and contents of the GEDCOM file. For files larger than about 1MB, it's recommended that your computer has 56MB or more of RAM. If you need to process very large files, please download the free trial version to check that your computer has enough memory.


To download the free trial version of HtmlPedigree, please click on the link below. When the download dialogue box appears, opt to save the file to your hard disc.

Download trial version

The download should take about 6 minutes for a 56kbps connection. When the download is complete, run the installation program, either by clicking the "Open" button on the download dialogue box, or by double-clicking on the icon indicating the saved file. Follow the instructions given by the program - the default options should be suitable for most users.

The free trial version is provided for evaluation only, so that you can decide whether to buy the full version. All the functions of the full version are included, except that dates of death and burial are replaced throughout by the phrase "[Registered version only]".

If you decide to buy the full version, all you need to do is purchase a registration code (which will be delivered by email), start up the trial version and enter the code. The program already installed will then run as the full version - no further download is necessary.

If you experience any problems with the download or installation process, please contact info@htmlpedigree.com.